The Older the fiddle the sweeter the tune..
Lets be honest here, most people can’t resist a puppy, that puppy smell, the innocence, the silly playfulness and those puppy dog eyes. 
I won’t lie, I love puppys too, But, like many others I can’t resist an older dog.
Pippy is about 8-9 years old. He spent most of his life being loved by an older gentleman who in turn loved Pippy dearly. He was his companion, his buddy, probably his best friend.
Sadly the older man became ill and couldn’t care for Pippy, With no one else to care for him while his daddy went to hospital, he had to go to the pound.
The staff at the pound were hopeful Pippy might be reunited with his adoring owner once he regained enough strength, but again sadly not. He himself needed more care and went into full time nursing care, in turn that left poor Pippy without an owner or a home. That was last September.
Pippy spent over 3 months in the pound, that’s almost 100 days and nights. No doubt 100 long days and semi sleepless nights alone missing his beloved owner. Can you begin to imagine how the older man himself felt too. 
Thanks to the staff of Ashton pound for telling us about Pippy, he came into our care a few weeks ago. 
We have sent a picture and letter in the hopes it will be passed onto the older gentleman assuring him Pippy is ok and we promise to get him a loving new home. 
That’s where we need your help folks, We need you to share this plea for Pippy to find someone who will love him again like his first owner.
Pippy is housetrained. He is a clever little boy But he is also so very loving and more adorable than any cute puppy. His eyes have dept and you can sense his longing to be loved and feel at home once more.
Pippy is a Heinz 57 mixed breed. He is only small. He doesn’t seem phased by other dogs at all but would be as happy to be an only dog either.
He just needs Love, lots of love and the promise of a forever home.