Orlando is a Beagle x Jack Russel. He’s a medium sized dog, and is fully grown at this stage. He is 4 years old.
He loves a good walk every day. Even though he has a bit of a limp, don’t let that fool you! He can run 5km with the best of us. He is great with kids who are a bit older (6+) as he gets very excited to see everyone when they come home from school, and he just wants to play.
He enjoys chasing a small ball, but is not inclined to give it back easily!! He loves a comfy couch or chair to himself where he can snuggle up and dream for the day.
He does require some training and patience in his forever home, as he likes the same routine everyday.
He would be suited to someone home most of the time, possibly with another dog for company if the adults are away.
He can be strong on the lead, again an adult hand required. Unfortunately he has no recall yet, so must stay on the lead at all times. He also requires a fully fenced in garden.
He’s not the biggest fan of cats or cows. But he will be your cleverest best friend once he spends the first day with you!!
Orlando enjoys treats like carrots and bones every now and again. He will do anything for food, and is so clever to quickly learn new things!