Logan & Poppy

Brother and sister Logan and Poppy are 1 year old hound dogs. They are both neuteted, microchipped and vaccinated.
We are making a special appeal to the right home that can adopt them together.
These pups were originally born into awful circumstances, they were starved, neglected, unloved. We need a home that can promise to love them and keep them safe for life. In return they will give unconditional love and loyal friends for life..
Logan can be shy initially but is a loveable softy. He loves human attention. He is just an adorable dote and loves cuddles and snuggles on the sofa with the most beautiful brown eyes.  Poppy his sister, is also initially shy but a curious little rogue. You will never need a TV when Poppy is around. She has the most beautiful little face, she would look her way out of trouble. Always an adventure to be had. Poppy adores cuddles and like her brother, loves to sit up beside you watching tv getting cuddes. Both Poppy and Logan cuddle beside each other every night in their bed. They have such close and unique bond. They require a home with a large secure garden with a suitably high boundary and somebody who can give as much time to these beautiful loyal Furbabies as much time as possible. They give you so so much love and affection, they would make a wonderful addition to a home who have the time they deserve.