Jeb is a 9 year old foxhound. He is a friendly boy who is great with all other dogs and would love to join a home with other dogs. He is also good around cats.

Jeb loves chilling somewhere comfy and ADORES going for walks, he will start whining and jumping about as soon as he sees his lead. He likes pottering around the house and garden, seeing what’s going on, digging a few holes. He also loooves food.

Jeb needs lots patience to help him settle into his new home. He can become very needy of his new humans in a new home due to being unsure, and the more this behavior is encouraged, the more anxious he gets when his humans are not around (bedtime, going out etc) which can result in unwanted behavior such as howling. Thankfully he has had no such issues in his foster home, so we know these issues can be easily resolved if properly managed. He absolutely needs a crate to sleep / alone time in at least in the initial first few months settling in period. This poor lad has been returned from 3 homes now, so if you are not 100% committed to working with him (and us), keeping him and loving him until the day he dies, please DO NOT APPLY!!! An owner with experience of separation anxiety would be preferable.

Jeb has chronic bronchitis and will be on medication for life (€1 a day). He also has arthritis in his elbows which he will need pain medication for. He is happily crate trained and is mostly house trained. He is also good in the car and good on the lead (though has potential to be strong).