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Adoption Application Form

The following is the preliminary step in adopting one of our dogs or puppies. We find it necessary to ask the following questions in order to get a better insight into you and your family and to determine which dog would be best for all involved. We don't mean to insult anyone or invade anyone's privacy, but judging from experience, these questions are necessary.

The dogs in our care are the property of Cara Rescue Dogs and are rehomed at our discretion. Cara Rescue Dogs can refuse to rehome any dog without giving a reason and cannot accept responsibility for the temperament or behavior of any of our dogs after rehoming.


Full Name (required)

Address (required)

Contact Telephone No. (required)

Email (required)


Your Spouse / Partner's Name

Your Spouse / Partner's Occupation

Are you over 18 years of age?


How Many Adults live in your home?(required)

How Many Children live in your home? Please list ages (required)

Are the children used to dogs?

Please list relationship of the people in your home e.g. family, housemates, friends (required)

Are all members of the household in agreement with adopting a dog?

Does anyone in your house suffer from allergic reactions or asthma? If yes, please elaborate (required)

Who will be the main person responsible for the dogs needs? (required)


I live in ..

Please describe the area in which you live (housing estate, street, terraced house, urban/rural etc

How long have you lived at your current address?

Do you plan on moving in the future? If so give details

I am ... ?

If renting / living in someone else's house, whose name is on the lease / who is the home owner?

May we contact your landlord to verify that you have permission to have a dog?

If yes, what is the landlords's name and contact no.?

Do you agree to have a home check done?


Do you have a fenced in back garden?

Is your back garden fully secure?

Could a dog escape from your back garden?

What type of boundary / fencing do you have in your back garden? Wall, wooden fence, wire etc

How high is the back gate and the back fence?

What is the approximate size of your back garden?

Has a dog ever escaped from your back garden?

Do you lock / secure your gates? if so with what?


Will the dog ever be in your front garden?

Is your front garden accessible from your back garden or are they seperate?

Do you have a fenced in front garden?

Is your front garden fully secure?

What type of fencing/ boundary do you have in your front garden?

How high is the front gate and the front fence?

What is the approximate size of your front garden?

Do you lock / secure the gate? If so with what?


I am interested in adopting a dog that fits the following profile:

Gender (required)

Size (required)

Age (required)

Activity Level (required)

Purpose of the Dog

The names of any dogs in our care in which you have an interest. See the 'Homes Needed' album on our facebook page

Why did you choose this particular dog?

Is this dog for you or someone else?


Have you ever been in contact with or home checked by another rescue. Is so please give details?

Have you had a dog in recent years? If so please give details

Do you have other pets?

If so, what are they?

What gender are they?

Are they dog friendly?

Are they neutered? If not, why?

Are they vaccinated? If not, why?

Are your pets up to date with worm and flea treatments?

Have you ever sold a dog or been involved in dog breeding? Is so please give details?

Have you ever given a dog away or surrendered one to a pound?,

If so please give details

Have you ever been convicted of the abuse or neglect of an animal?,


Tell us a little about your lifestyle so that we can find you the right dog. Do you jog, have lots of social activities at the house, are you more of a couch potato? There is no 'right' answer to this question, just be honest, so that we can ensure that you choose a dog that suits your lifestyle and activity level

Do you have a veterinarian?

If yes, who?

Where will the dog spend most its time? (required)

Where will the dog sleep at night?(required)

How many hours a day will the dog spend at home alone?(required)

When you are out of the house where will the dog stay? (required)

What areas of your home will the dog have access to?

If you go away, where will the dog stay?

What kind of exercise will you be able to give your dog? (required)

Under what circumstances would you let a dog off the lead?

How would you handle destructive behaviour ?

Are you willing to take responsibility for a dog for the next 10-20 years?

If a new child is introduced into your home would you still be able to care for the dog?,

Under what circumstances would you chain / tie up a dog?

Under what circumstances would you give up / rehome a dog?

Please provide any other information which you feel is relevant to your application?

I have read the foregoing and certify that the answers I have given are complete, true and not misleading in any way. I am authorizing you to contact landlords, associations and veterinarians. I am also aware that Cara Rescue Dogs cannot guarantee the health and temperament of the animal after adoption.

All dogs rehomed by Cara Rescue are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and treated for fleas & worms. Adult dogs (six months or over) are neutered. If you adopt a puppy you are required to sign an agreement to have the puppy neutered when it is six months old.

Our adoption fee for an adult dog is €120 and our adoption fee for a puppy is €80. Our adoption fee is different for an adult dog and a puppy simply because the adult has also been neutered. We provide a voucher with puppies for 20% off neutering that can be used in Vetcare Portlaoise/Athy/Carlow/Rathcoole. All dogs we rehome will also receive a book of family rewards from Petmania containing discounts and free gifts worth up to €350.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone

Lorraine: 0860594375 / Lorna: 0872342054 / Karla: 0868408041 / Sinead: 0862717746

Following receipt of your application a member of the Cara team will contact you as soon as possible.

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