Name ~ Quill
Age ~ 18 Months Old
Breed ~ Terrier
Sex ~ Male

I’m fully vaccinated and neutered and also microchipped. I really would like a home with just one person please and no children. I’m nervous when I first meet people so I will bark and growl but It’s just my way of letting you know that I’m nervous. I need to really get to know you first so I’d love to meet up with you for walks first and then have an over night weekend with you and see how we get on. It would help me alot if i could sleep in the same room as you for the weekend so that way I will get used to you and I will know I’m safe with you and I’ll give you all my love and cuddles then too. It’s really important for me to be an only dog and just one person to live with so as this will really help me to bond with you. All I’m asking is for the chance for you to really get to know how loving and caring I am