Tiger Grey

Tiger Grey (aka Tigger, Tiggy, Tiggster 😁) is a 2-year old ex racing greyhound with a beautiful soft brindle coat. Tigger is initially very wary of new people and a very shy boy but once he knows his human, he comes out of his shell and will greet you with a waggy tail and an adoring look on his face. He is great with children and other dogs but not with small furries! Tigger would benefit from having another dog in the home and ideally a home where he isn’t left alone for long hours. Tigger is a low-energy dog (typical couch potato) and is happy with a couple of walks a day; he’s perfect on the lead. He still has some way to go to be less nervous when faced with new people and situations, but patience and love will help him on his path.
Tigger is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered