Bowie a female 1 year old pit bull x lab mix
She is full of love energy and cuddles. She still acts like a baby and is curious about everything. She loves to play and will bring you her favourite toys throughout the day for a good game of tug of war or fetch. In the evening she will cuddle up for hugs and kisses and will be the most excited puppy to see you even if you leave for 10 seconds!

As she is still young she walks on the lead but would need some extra training as she is very strong and excited, nearly fully house trained with only some accidents. She loves other dog’s and would get on great with another dog in the house. Would need older children as she is not aware of her strength and does jump with excitement & when playing
She can be left on her on but only for a few hours and is happy to lie in her bed and take a snooze
She is very smart and can already sit, give her paw and turn around.

She is territorial (more towards men) and will bark at visitors or people she doesn’t know in her space, she does warm to them (men a little longer ) and will be their best friend after a while of getting to know them, again training could help a lot with this