Adopting A Dog From Cara

Owing to the high number of queries during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have more dogs available than are shown here or on our social media pages. We ask that as a first step - you Use Our Contact Form and we can then go on to ask more questions and then try and find a great match for you.

When you adopt a dog from Cara, he or she will fully vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped,  and in good health before hand.

Spaying / Neutering
All of the dogs in our care aged six months and over will be spayed / neutered prior to re-homing.
Adopters of dogs under this age will need to sign a contract confirming that they will ensure the procedure is carried out at the age of 6 months, and will receive a voucher towards the cost.

A ‘Home Check’ is carried out by one of our friendly, trained volunteers prior to placement of any dog to ensure a safe environment, fully enclosed garden etc.

This will also help to match you and your new dog.  Just like humans, dogs have differing personalities and needs; every effort will be made to ensure that the adopting family and the dog fit together well. When you adopt a dog we'll give lots of advice to help everyone settle in to a new  life together.

Adopt A Dog - The Process

Cara Rescue Dogs always have an abundance of beautiful dogs and pups eagerly awaiting their ‘forever home’...a  place where they will become an integral part of the family (or a dear companion for an individual) and receive the love and care that they truly deserve. When you adopt a dog you can look forward to the kind of love and loyalty only a dog can give in return. 

Just like humans, dogs have differing personalities and needs and every effort will be made to ensure that the adopting family and the dog fit together well. As the dogs are cared for through the Foster Home Network, the foster families get a great insight into the dogs personality and behaviour and therefore are in a position to provide all the necessary information to prospective adoptive families and answer any questions or address any concerns which they may have.

Meet The Dogs

ADOPTION DAYS are held monthly in Petworld, Portlaoise and are a great opportunity for you to meet the dogs in our care and chat to our volunteers before you adopt a dog.  Dates and times are published on our facebook page.

VISIT INDIVIDUAL DOGS This can be arranged with the foster families at a time and date that suits. Note that every effort is made to accomodate visits but you must be aware that all of our fosterers are hard working volunteers, so sometimes a meeting can take a little time to arrange.

The Adoption Process

Have a look through the list of dogs currently available and select a couple that may seem suitable
(Please don't worry if you don't see dog on our listing that looks like the perfect fit - firstly we're a voluntary organisation and often have more dogs available than are listed, secondly, we are constantly taking new dogs in to our care, thirdly sometimes those you may not consider first might turn out to be your new best friend!)

Fill out the online application form.  A member of our volunteer team will then be in touch with you shortly thereafter to chat through the process further, help with the matching process and to arrange a home check.

When you're home check has been carried out and confirmed we can then arrange for you to meet the dog that you're interested in. We're very conscious of making sure it all works out for both of you so when you decide to adopt a dog  there'll never be any pressure to take a particular dog if it doesn't feel right, equally if we feel that the dog is unsuitable for your household we will help you to make a more appropriate choice.
In most cases when you do meet your match and all parties (Cara, the fosterer and you) are happy with same, you will then arrange to collect the dog within a few days at a convenient time for you and the foster carer, and also at a time when you'll have lots of time available to help settle your new companion in to your routine.

We advise that every member of the household should be involved in this process from start to finish.
If transport is an issue when you adopt a dog, we can often call on one our volunteers to help out - this can be discussed with us on an individual basis.

Watch our Re-homing Information Video

Collecting Your Dog

A charge of €200 will apply which will make a contribution towards the cost of general care and  veterinary care / procedures carried out whilst in the care of Cara Rescue Dogs.
If you adopt a puppy you will receive a voucher for €60 towards the cost of spay/neutering at your vet of choice. Puppies under the age of 6 months will not have been neutered at the time of adoption. Please note that as part of the adoption contract, all puppies must be neutered once they reach 6 months of age. You will be required to provide evidence of same.

A contract will be signed between the adoptive family and Cara which clearly states  that should the adoption not work  out the dog will be returned to the care of Cara Rescue Dogs. Every assistance will be provided by Cara Rescue Dogs to ensure a smooth transition from their care to the ‘forever home’ during the settling in period.

There's a few basics we advise that you ensure to have as follows:
Collar and Lead
ID tag (with your contact details (outline address + eircode and a phone number is a good idea)
Dog Food*
Water Bowl
Feeding Bowl
Place for the dog to sleep (Dog bed, crate, or even just a cosy folded duvet)

*The Foster family will advise you in advance of the food the dog has been receiving and it's always a good idea to continue with the same food for the first couple of weeks. Thereafter, if desired you can look at introducing a new food gradually over the course of 5 days or so. Most Cara dogs are fed on Nourish Rite which is available from Fetch Your Pet Needs