Todi & Scotti

Todi & Scotti are 11 week old siblings. They are small mix breed, we are unsure of their parents but vet reckons possibly Pom x jack Russell type. 
Scarlet on the left has now been re-homed. 
Todi in the middle smallest of the 3 but the most active of them all. He flies around the place but goes to mush in your arms when picked up for cuddles.
Scotti on the right is probably the quietest of the trio. But still manages to get stuck into the fun and play.
They look chunky (ish) but under their fluffy coats they are very small frame pups that would need to be handled gently and preferably rehomed with other gentle dogs or older children.
They are almost house trained but will still need ongoing training in their new home so you will need to be ok with that.
They have their vaccinations and are microchipped.
They came from a litter of 5 pups that were left abandoned outside a primary school in a cardboard box. The other 2 siblings since have been rehomed.