Hana will welcome you with hand licks & a wagging tail, she adores humans of all kinds, she’s happy with cats & calmer dogs. Be prepared to be stopped every 5ft while walking her as she is a stunner & will only be more beautiful once her fur grows back fully.
Hana is very gentle but doesn’t know a lot of commands yet, although she is learning quickly. She’s extremely intelligent & very food motivated, will spin in circles when she sees you coming with dinner, but can be food aggressive around other dogs. She’s completely ignores the 4 cats she’s currently in foster with. We think she would be best suited as a solo house dog, or in a multi dog household with a good human leader.
She’s been to the dog park to meet & play with other dogs, she loves walks (lead training going well, she will pull if let, she’s very strong).
Hana will lay down in the bath to be washed, loves being brushed & especially loves having her head / ears rubbed. She is about 1 year old & will make a fantastic forever dog for someone.