Angus is a young boy aged about 2.5yrs. He Came into our care found straying scared out of his mind and emaciated to the point all his bones were visable.
It was soon discovered that this poor dog was loosing his sight, fast. He was seen by a specialist and unfortunately there was nothing anyone could do to prevent him going blind. That was almost a year ago, Sadly he has now lost complete use of both eyes.. such horrible upsetting news as he’s only a pup still. His foster mam is doing all she can to accommodate him and make him as comfortable as possible. But again, he is only 2.5 he wants to play and have adventures and who can blame him.
Angus recently did some agility training and he smashed it. Made his foster mammy cry with pride. 
So this is what we are looking for Angus. 
– Someone with a lot of understanding patience and compassion. 
– A reasonably sized very secure garden.
– No young children in the home 
– ideally no other dogs
– A home that’s relatively calm 
In return you will get the unconditional love affection and loyal companion that is Angus.
He won’t care what the world looks like once his human family surround him with love and promise to protect him.. 
Are you that Special person? Family? Couple? 
If so we would welcome any questions you might have. Please contact us if you do.
Angus is neutered vaccinated and microchipped.