This majestic dog is Joe, an approximately 2 year old saluki cross. He strayed for weeks, running from people and we believe he was hit by a car. His tail was horrifically injured and had to be amputated, but thankfully he’s fully recovered now and we think it just adds to his character!
Joe is wary of and aloof with new people. He’s won over with time, food, patience and gentle affection. Then you’ll find him following you around looking for rubs and company. He will even play with you.
Joe is sensitive in nature and would like to join a quiet adult home. He’s fine with dogs of all sizes and would be happy to be homed with or with out other dogs.
Joe is fully house trained, crate trained and walks well on the lead. He’s a medium energy boy who would like a daily walk on lead then a sofa to sprawl out on. He has very poor recall and can never be allowed off lead outside of a secure area.
Joe has sleep startle so needs space when he’s sleeping or resting, and his own place to sleep such as a crate, bed or his own chair. And most importantly he needs to be woken vocally before being touched.
Joe’s also a high flight risk and will spend his first few days in a new place accessing his escape routes and trying to get out of doors, so a very secure garden with high fencing is a must. A kind, patient owner who is willing to help him settle in and adjust to his new home, no matter how long it takes, is also essential. He is looking for a home for the rest of his life.
Joe has been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.