Lillibet is an approximately 8 year old female beagle. She had a rough start in life. She was over bred and arrived with a sever womb infection (pyometria), an ear infection and a ruptured ligament in her knee.
In her previous life, she was either under-socialised around people or abused. Because of this, she is wary of people and finds it hard to trust. However she adores other dogs and is fine around cats.
Lillibet’s ideal home would be a quiet, calm home with another confident dog. She would like one or two adult humans are who are kind, patient and gentle. She needs someone who will allow her to come around in her own time and be understanding of her fears.
Food is definitely the way to Lillibet’s heart and in her last few months in foster she has been brave enough to approach her humans for food and eat from their hands, which is a huge accomplishment for her!
She loves to chill out on the sofa, and spend time outside exploring and sniffing around. She loves chewing on antlers, getting her neck scratches, and cuddling up with the other dogs. She also loves enrichment toys like a snuffle matt or licki matt.
Lillibet is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Although she had surgery on her knee to repair it, she will likely need to be on painkillers or a joint supplement for life, due to arthritis in the knee.
Lillibet is happily crate trained and mostly house trained (accidents happen if she’s left unattended for too long). She will walk on the lead, but is wary of traffic, so rural walks are preferable.