Name: Freddie
Age: 3.5yrs
Male Labrador Cross. Neutered and microchipped.

Good with kids? Freddie is friendly with kids, not around them an awful lot but loves to bring them toys.

Good with other dogs? Freddie is weary of other dogs.

Lead trained? Lead trained and loves a walk. Very strong so recommend harness or halti

House trained? Fully house trained and does not suffer with separation anxiety. Bloomberg on the telly and a kong with pate and he’s delighted to be left.

Describe his personality? He’s a very lovable dog. Loves to play with a rugby ball, fetch, find it and tug. He adores having nyla bones around for a chew and his creature comforts (blanket and cosy bed). He’s cuddly and will bring you a teddy when he’s excited to see you. As with all rescues, he needs a little extra love, time and care. He’s allergic to peanut butter and isn’t the biggest fan of loud noises (bangers).

What type of home/family would ideally suit Freddie? Ideally Freddie would suit a home with no dogs and somebody home majority of the time to spend time with him. A garden to play in and have a good sniff.