Name: Dolores (Dolly)
Age: 5 or 6 months
Sex: Female
Breed: Lurcher Mix
Health: 1st and 2nd vaccinations complete, microchipped,
• Dolores is a lovely, sweet and affectionate puppy. She loves kisses and cuddles.
• She is full of energy and she is a typical, excitable puppy – she loves to play and chew. She loves chew toys and her favourite thing to do is chase a ball and steal socks!
• Dolores currently lives with 2 adult Lurchers, who she gets on well with. She is not cat tested.
• She loves food and has to be fed separately from the other dogs. She can be possessive and protective around food and toys, so she needs to be supervised. We have also been separating her when we are eating as she needs to learn manners around food.
• she is about 80% house trained at the moment.
• Like any puppy, Dolores needs ongoing training around socialisation, loose lead walking, recall, boundaries and obedience.
• Dolores loves to play chase with our other dogs. Due to COVID-19, she has not been playing off lead yet with other dogs but she seems friendly and excited to play with them. She does engage in bitey face and can be vocal, so someone who has knowledge and understanding of this would be preferable!
• Due to COVID-19, Dolores has not been on her own much