Neymar is a beautiful, medium sized, 4 year old, beagle cross. He has a nervous disposition which stems from the abuse and neglect he experienced as a puppy and can be nervous around strangers so having patience with him is essential. So a adult only home would be best for him
With Neymar, ball is life! He loves nothing more than going outside to play fetch with his ball and it is when he is at his happiest. He is super energetic and needs daily exercise. He pulls hard on the lead and it can be a struggle in built up areas as he doesn’t like meeting other dogs, so a walk in a quiet forested area on a long lead is best suited for him. He has good recall especially when out with his ball but it needs to be in an area with no other dogs. With all that being said best suited to being a only dog. Not cat tested.
He has a mild form of epilepsy which was diagnosed in 2020. He has experienced three fits since his diagnosis and is currently on 2 tablets a day. This will need to be monitored and assessed with the vet going forward.
Despite his size and energy levels, he is an indoor dog who loves to cosy up on the couch staring out the window, watching the world go
ideally needs a home where there is someone there for most of the day. If you can dedicate your time to him, he will pay you back ten fold with love.