Klara is an 8-month-old German Shepard. she came to Cara at 5 weeks old in urgent need of surgery to correct several defects in her heart and throat. With the help and dedication of her amazing foster Mammy, Klara has made an unbelievable recovery. she has however been left with a diverticula on her oesophagus, a large pouch on the inside of her throat that can cause vomiting. As a result, Klara will require tablets and a raw food diet for the rest of her life. She has six to seven small meals a day which she must eat in an upright position, this needs to be maintained very strictly.

German Shepard experience or a good knowledge of the breed is essential and someone who is willing to commit to training. She will need someone at home most of the day. Klara is toilet trained and create trained. she is very playful and affectionate, loves her toys and adores water, gets on well with other dogs of all sizes. Not suited to a house with children under 8 years old.

Below are the links of Klara journey so far.