Stanley the saluki is 3 years old, he’s a very playful boy who is very keen on being surrounded by and meeting other dogs. He can be strong and pull on the lead when walking and he encounters other dogs, though this is always in a friendly manner and just his curiosity and wanting to make new friends. He opens up to people as soon as he meets them and is the type to thoroughly enjoy affection.
He has never reacted or shown any hostility to any other dogs, and is quite submissive in his behaviours with others. He is not a territorial sort by any means and would fit nicely into a home with other dogs. He can be very energetic, though this is only when not walked regularly.

Stanley can suffer from speration anxiety and does not like to be left alone. The company of another dog would be preferred, to help calm his nerves and keep him company. Once exercised properly, andgiven the space he is happy to relax on the sofa and sleep.

We are hoping for someone who can show patience, to give time to Stanley and to bring him on regular walks, whilst continuing to work on his lead work. A home with plenty of space that is also secured in order to allow Stanley to run is required.

He is a super pleasant and friendly boy with an elegant trot and a very infectious personality. A home that will return all of his affections would be best.

Please contact if you are interested in giving this gentle soul a forever home.