Hello folks my name is Jimmy best boy, I know this as my foster mammy says I’m just the best boy all the time 😁 I loves to help her around the house my favourite is when she leaves the fridge door open I have it cleaned out in 2 seconds 😂 she says I’m a gas little man but I’m not sure what that means, I loves to lie at her feet but she keeps tripping up over me cos the silly billy forgets I’m there she may go to specsavers I think 🤔 she says I’m a velcro dog because I loves to follow her everywhere, she knows it’s just because I loves company so I’ll need a home with someone at home a good bit so’s I don’t get lonely…. 

Anyways I’m still the bestest boy, I’m a small collie might be a bit of sheltie in me, I smell fabulous the girls in the vets gave me a thing called a bath because me ma said I was smelly 😂 they said I was the best boy as well… 

I’m a little bit deaf and the sights not the bestest…. I’m probably about 9 or 10 years old but I’m spritley for my age. I loves my walks and the Foster ma says I’m the best boy on the lead, I don’t mind other dogs once there not nuts I prefer the girlie dogs tho… but would be happy as an only dog too, cats I do love to chase… I never manage to catch them tho 🐱

Whoever gets me will be so lucky did I tell you I’m just the best boy and only the best home for me 😁

Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and housetrained

As with all our dogs a secure garden is needed please email caraadoptions@hotmail.com for an application form for the best boy, 😁