Libby (approximately 10yrs young) is a brave and valiant little trooper. She has come through a very tough time and is thriving in her foster home. Libby has a huge love of humans, is gentle and friendly. Libby is very calm around children (from one year +) As with any dog, adults would need to supervise young children around her as with any dog.

She has Not been cat tested.

Libby is house trained and can use a dog door.

She’s okay to be left alone if you go out, but if in the house she likes to be with you.

Libby adores the car and is very well behaved, even short trips to the shop she’s happy to keep you company 😀

Libby walks very good on the lead but while on the lead can be reactive to other dogs. She’s still working on it. She looks forward to her daily walks and will need someone able to give her a decent walk. She is happy to go at a slower pace to sniff and explore. Sure isn’t that the best part 😉

She has developed a friendship with a French bulldog in her current foster home. They play and chase each other.

She loves chats and company and follows her humans from room to room. She likes to know where you are and barks for attention if you shut her away from you.

She loves snuggles on the sofa with you (and a cuddle on the bed too). She would like to sleep on the human bed every night but is learning to sleep in her own bed.

She loves belly rubs and flips onto her back for them.

She would be suited either as an only dog Or she could be with another small dog that is tough and able for her bossing and vocal play.

She loves her food and will do anything for a treat so her recall training is going well. She’ll race to you for a treat.