Little Leo was found along with his sister, hungry and scared. Disguarded like rubbish. His sister has since been adopted. Can you help us find this handsome chaps forever home ❤️

Leo is now 5 months old and growing like a weed. He is an active puppy who loves to play with other dogs and also loves toys . He is a very affective boy who loves human company, cuddling or just chilling on the sofa. Leo is a super clever boy. He is a lurcher mix, for those of you who know the breed… “you know”. For those of you who dont, your missing out. They play for 20% of the day and sleep or rest (usually legs & belly up) for the rest. They make a remarkable pet.

We would love a home that’s active but can equally suit his comforts and accommodate him for lazy days. It’s a lurcher thing!!

Lurchers are amazing pets. They are goofy & entertaining and will never fail to make you smile.

Leo is vaccinated & microchipped.