Little Penny came into our care a few months ago.. She was for want of a better word “in bits”. Malnourished, nails curling into her pads causing infection, several old scars and tumours. But despite all this, her spirit remained. She was no where near ready to give up yet.

Penny it’s estimated is about 12yrs old. She is very clean in the house. Gets on with other friendly calm dogs. Penny loves a good snuggle & cuddle on the couch or bed..

She won’t need to be walked daily but is happy to potter around your garden at her own pace throughout the day. So ideally someone at home mostly (other than doing shopping, daily errands etc) Or working from home would be great.

She sleeps 50% of the time. She would be happy to live in a quieter type of home with older children if any 15+

Penny has had all medical procedures done and is recovering very well. Her mobility is a little slower than most, mild medication is currently helping.

Penny would love to finally call somewhere “home”, We want that for her so much too after all she’s been through she doesn’t need to be left waiting. There should be a long queue of people wanting her to join their family, however big or small.

Please contact us at for an adoption application